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Into the light

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I think our fourteen year old cat Bella, who was not named after the Twilight character, is a vampire. She doesn't eat, she sleeps all day, she nibbles on me. She's rejected the tuna-flavored medicine and isn't fond anymore of the catnip-flavored; they should make a mice-blood flavor.

I meant to post this a while back and forgot. This is a photo of the copy of Wheel of the Infinite I murdered to make the ebook version:

I guess I need to just save the cover jacket and throw the rest away.


PW: Genreville Calls for Submissions Small presses looking for diverse characters.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards collecting nominations of works that qualify for the ballot.

Kidlit: Social Networking Abuse
Sometimes people do things to get noticed that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, all because the Internet makes them feel bolder.

Chuck Wendig: The Publishing Cart Before the Storytelling Horse
Traditionally-published authors are not slave labor. They're not idiots or fools. They’ve not made "the wrong choice." You went one way. They went another. Sometimes your paths converge; other times, they do not.

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Seems like someone could use those book remains for some kind of art...I would, if I had actual time for art anymore.

Pets and scritches for Bella.

I'm trying to remember where it was that folded book art was randomly being found... I want to say Scotland, I think.

You could use the cover as a casing for a blank book/journal. And yeah, collage and mix media artists are crazy for text pages in their work.

That's true. I have a couple of artist friends, I should ask if they want it.

I was going to make the same suggestion.

Yes, that is a good idea.

Hmm. Bella does look slightly shifty. :)

Why toss the pages away when you can invent a new form of divination with them? >=} A lot of prophetic devices are first tossed and then read. (Just kidding, of course. Frame the cover?)

For the record, Bella's full name is Arabella. She's named for Olivia DeHaviland's character in "Captain Blood."

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