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Monday Rain and Links

We got rain this weekend, wonderful wet rain falling from the actual sky! Not fire, rain. For more than half the day. It's too late for crops, many dead trees and animals, but at least the vegetation that's still alive looks less stressed.

I have a short story I need to finish in the next few days, so that's what I'll be working on today.

A couple of things:

My ebooks that are available on Kindle are now available through (Along with Amazon US,, and a few on Amazon UK, and you can also get The Cloud Roads at a discount in multiple formats through the Baen Webscription ebook site. (Oh, and it's on Nook also.) The only three ebooks I have control over are The Element of Fire, City of Bones, and Wheel of the Infinite. If the others aren't available, there's nothing I can do about it, (and I would really, really rather they be available).

Another kindle thing:

I'm now signed up on Kindlegraph, a service where you can get autographs from me (and 2000 other authors) for your Kindle books. I have no idea how it works, but apparently it does!

ETA: I just noticed the kindlegraph thing has a note that "Amazon may charge fees for delivery," so be aware of that. I don't think I (or the publisher) get any cut of the fees, it just seems to be Amazon. And I'm against charging for autographs -- I think that's something that should come as a perk with buying the book.


Rachel Randall has a contest for her new sexy ebook coming out October 17.

I think it was Jenn Reese who linked to this article on Twitter: La Bloga: Diversifying Books for Teens: YesGayYA and Beyond
The challenge here is how to drive sales when the target readership is a small part of the market. Underrepresented stories are primarily embraced by underrepresented people, who may face economic disadvantage on top of cultural oppression. For LGBT teen readers, there's a unique cog in the market-driven works. If they're not out to their parents, or their parents are homophobic, or ambivalent about LGBTs, their parents aren't going to buy them an LGBT-themed book.

The capitalist approach can lead to niche markets for "multicultural" literature, or the labeling of underrepresented stories as "issue" books. In contrast, books about straight White people have the privilege of being immediately embraced as "mainstream" and "books for everybody."

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We had nice rain here, too! Huzzah!

yay for rain! we are up to 4.25" for the year here -- about half our normal, but a darn sight better than things were a couple months ago. i hope it keeps up for you, too!

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