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Lots of Links

My teeth still hurt. That's about all I've got this morning.

lots of links:

All Hallows Read give someone a scary book for Halloween!

Whatever: The Big Idea: Kate Elliott on Cold Fire The family that worldbuilds together stays together. You know how teenagers are: Always coming to their mom and saying, “MOM! We’re making up a world with our FRIENDS! Want to WORLD BUILD with us?”

Amazon: The Sleeping Partner by Madeleine E. Robins is now available I got to read this early and blurb it, and I said "Madeleine Robins has written an engrossing and satisfying mystery with a richly detailed setting in an alternate Regency London, with a determined heroine who is skilled with sword and pistol and not afraid to use either. I highly recommend it."

Kristine Smith found an awesome Doctor Who trailer/vid, covering all the doctors It improved my Wednesday.

camillealexa on Twitter linked to Top 50 Coolest Looking Places on Earth

Writer Beware: Writers Against Plagiarism: A Call to Action

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#48 of the 50 coolest looking places is Hamilton Pool. :)

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