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I was out of town all weekend, with friends who are picking out stuff to remodel their kitchen, so there was a lot of looking at pretty things. We also stopped by one of those specialty cupcake places, and I had a chocolate marshmallow cupcake, and now I get the whole fascination with cupcakes. It was a very dark chocolate, not very sweet, with a smooth fudge icing and a cream center. It basically tasted like a Twinkie would taste if a Twinkie was made in a real bakery with real ingredients and was never sealed in plastic and did not make your mouth burn with chemicals.

We stopped at a large chain bookstore (I got Barbara Hamilton's Sup with the Devil) and they were moving all the books around, so the place was fairly chaotic. My friend asked a clerk where the new paperbacks were. The conversation went something like this:

Friend: Where are the new paperbacks?
Clerk: :stares, like Friend has just said something crazy:
Friend: ...the new paperbacks?
Clerk: :takes a couple of steps backward to one of the flat table displays of trade paperbacks: :pats table for emphasis: These are paperbacks.
Friend: ...
Friend: I'm looking for the new pocket paperbacks. The mass market paperbacks.
Clerk: :stares:
Friend: :pulls mass market paperback off a shelf as an example: The new ones of these!
Clerk: Oh. :wanders off:

There's a great review of The Cloud Roads on Finding Wonderland: the Writing YA Weblog!
Recommended for Fans Of...: Tightly written traditional fantasy and sci-fi with great characters and lots of attention paid to the different cultures in the world at hand, like Kage Baker's fantasy books or Tamora Pierce's Tortall novels.

Very nice to wake up to on a Monday.

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Congratulations! I'm so pleased that Cloud Roads is getting some well deserved acclaim. With enough word-of-mouth praise, it should sell well. And that would be a good thing!

Thank you! And yes, it would be a good thing. :)

I think that review is spot on!

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