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Halloween Week

We have officially started our Halloween preparations with the cemetery and the hanging skeleton being installed in the front yard. For a lot of houses, this would be the entire decoration, but our tolerant neighbors know that for us it's just the beginning. We have a fog machine and we know how to use it.

We're having a Halloween party this weekend and a houseguest, so I need to clean the house so there will be a clear field for us to tear it apart when we decorate.

It was our sixteenth wedding anniversary on Friday, so we drove to a small restaurant in a tiny little town nearby, run by a chef and patisseur originally from England. Across the street from the restaurant, he has a separate building for doing the chocolate work, and we were lucky enough to get a quick personal tour and to see a couple of the chocolate showpieces he's making for events in Houston. We also got to try a few of the new truffles he's still working on, and they were fabulous. So that was a really nice anniversary.

These are my Halloween galleries from previous years: Building a Bat Cave in Your Own Home (Troyce made the vampire hunter's kit) and previous years

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Yay for a lovely, chocalatey anniversary. Sweet!

For me, today's Halloween preparation consists of taking out the garbage, cleaning and airing the flat, and committing laundry. And maybe using the dishwasher.

I did manage to get a skull for my annual Halloween collection. It's a rather nice, clear plastic, in the shape of a wine goblet. I have one from a couple of years ago, but that one was more in the general appearance of a stone goblet, containing an orange candles, and wreathed with skulls.

There are a Beanie BabyTM black cat, cape=clad, mask-wearing bear, and all that, but the mock skulls comprise the bulk of my collection.

I am particularly happy to have a ceramic Russ skull candle-holder, though I am still sad, because it is chipped, albeit slightly, as a relic from moving to this area, six ears ago. With a laughing skull, a bobbing skull, a skull that my daughter made in school many, many years ago, and a few others, it's sort of grown on me, over the years.

A propos! Did you see these cool bits of telophase Halloween work?


Glad you had such a lovely anniversary! That sounds wonderful.

Thank you! We had a great time.

Happy anniversary!

Your decorations are awesome!

(Deleted comment)

It's pretty much just Halloween. We do a tree and a wreath for Christmas, but that's about it.

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