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Ghost Hunters

More Halloween Photos

Yesterday's Halloween Photos Post is here with the outdoor photos.

These blood splatters and footprints were the new thing we got this year, and were amazingly cheap for the effect. I think the package was $2.99.

Close-up of Bat Cookie

At night, the dining room had kind of a haunted mansion vibe, with the black crepe on the pictures.

Close-up of skull candle


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I love your Halloween pictures. I look forward to them every year. :)

Wow, that sure is a production! That flying skeleton in the last picture really scares me.

Y'all do Halloween up right!

Wait - I don't see Martha in costume !!! Where are those pics ??

Martha very rarely dresses up for Halloween. Mainly because she spends the whole day decorating and cooking.

You sure do some awesome decorating!

Hahah! Bfly & I have those handprints, and a more fleshy variation on those footprints as well. They're quite awesome, even if nobody else anywhere ever is gonna see them, we just had to do it.

We need to get a picture of our giant eyeball on the stump-o-eyeballs.

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