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We were talking last night about a writer who said her characters felt so real to her that she bought them Christmas gifts. morfin turned to me and said "Moon wants an iPad."

Cynthia Leitich Smith has more photos from the Austin ComicCon.

More links that I forgot where I found them. Probably on Twitter:

45 Incredible Futuristic Scifi 3D City Illustrations

Diversity in YA: The Power of Diverse Science Fiction by Deva Fagan

Joshua Palmatier BUYING BOOKS? Help Raise Funds for Literacy!!!

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"Moon wants an iPad."


And I bet Tremaine would want a Kindle...

Amazon delivery date on Serpent Sea

FYI, I just got an e-mail from Amazon that my preordered copy of The Serpent Sea will ship sooner than originally expected; they now say it will be delivered January 5 instead of January 19.

Re: Amazon delivery date on Serpent Sea

The publisher has been running a bit early this year, so unless the holidays slow things down, the book might show up in the last week of December or so.

Re: Amazon delivery date on Serpent Sea

That would be nice! I'd enjoy getting it while I'm off work between Christmas & New Year's.

Hee, on Moon wanting an iPad.

Your tweet yesterday about the Christmas gifts made me giggle madly. In fact, it still does.

It made me giggle a lot too :)

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