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There were some really good suggestions for fun promo items in the previous post and on Facebook. There are two I'm going to try to do, and my favorite is the suggestion for a Fell and Raksura spotter's card, like the old WWII aircraft spotting and identifying cards.

A local magazine did an article about me: Local Authors Pen A Wide Array of Titles I did this interview and photo way back in the summer, so it was a surprise when someone told me yesterday that it was out.

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Kristan Hoffman: A reminder about what really matters
A few days ago, my dad forwarded me an email titled "the Charles Schulz philosophy." Now, has informed me that Charles Schulz did not in fact come up with this little exercise, but it’s still a good one. So I decided to adapt it for us writers.

The official launch of Patrick Rothfuss' Worldbuilders charity fundraiser will be next week, so keep an eye on his blog. The prizes for donations will be even more awesome this year.

National Geographic: 11 World Heritage Sites

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It is a brilliant idea! I'm pretty sure I would never have thought of it on my own, so I'm glad I did the post.

I think I'm going to try to keep it to one card, though that will depend on whether the images fit, if they still look good, and so on. Or maybe one card for Raksura and one for Fell, hmm. There aren't really any big differences between Arbora, except that the larger ones tend to be hunters or soldiers, though that would vary a lot between individuals. So yeah, it would be Arbora, Warrior, Consort, Queen, and I probably will include line-grandfather for fun.

I do love the spotting card idea!

Congrats on a terrific article. What fun to have a local spotlight turned on you!

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