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Post-Thanksgiving Report

We had a really good time for Thanksgiving. We went to a friend's house, and had excellent turkey, stuffing, rolls, garlic mash potatoes, bacon-braised green beans, then pumpkin and apple pie. There wasn't actually as much overeating as it sounds, and playing Active Life Explorer for three hours on their Wii sort of balanced things out.

We went shopping on Friday (our idea of Black Friday shopping is to do it the same way we would do normal weekend shopping -- roll out around noon, eat lunch, then wander around from store to store looking for free samples and not buying anything unless it's a huge sale). I did end up borking the ankle that I've had problems with starting last year, probably from walking on hard floors plus too much Wii, but it's better today. We also ate twice at Beaudreax, which has wonderful tasty Cajun food. (I had fish and crispy shrimp Piquant, nom nom nom.)

Saturday we went to Murder by the Book and bought many books, and I'll be doing a signing there on at 4:30 on January 7, for The Serpent Sea, with Kimberly Frost and Jaye Wells, and it will be awesome.


Some links for the rest of the weekend:

The Serpent Sea was featured on Fantasy Cafe as a book she's looking forward to in 2012.

If you got a new ereader, remember I have several older books available (cheap) on Nook, and at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany,, plus The Cloud Roads is only $6.00 at the Baen Webscription site.

Anne Aguirre's Big Honking Holiday Contest Enter to win signed books, an eReader, and other prizes. (One of the prizes is a signed copy of The Cloud Roads)

If you have some spare cash, think about buying a book from Powell's online for the GuysLitWire Book Fair for Ballou High School. There is SF/F, mysteries, graphic novels, romances, and more to buy for the high school library.

The Guardian: JK Rowling 'felt invaded' at note put by press in daughter's schoolbag. This is J.K. Rowling's testimony at the Leveson inquiry. Diane Duane live-tweeted this testimony, and the things they did to her were way more outrageous than this article makes it sound. (Like publishing her home address plus details about the security of the house.)

Judith Tarr at the Book View Cafe Blog: Goodbye, Annie Mac on Anne McCaffrey.

SFX has a good list of Top Ten Ghost Stories in books and film. I've seen several, including Curse of the Demon, which is just as scary as they say it is.

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Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

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