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Holiday Gift Recs

Still plugging away on third Books of the Raksura book, which really needs a title.

Wednesday night we went to see A Tuna Christmas on campus, performed by the two original actors/writers, and had a great time. I've seen all of the Tuna plays live now. It's neat that most of the main characters are women, and that Joe Sears is so good at playing them that I forget that Bertha and Pearl are not actually women.


This month The Book Smugglers review blog is doing Smugglivus, their annual holiday festival where guest posters talk about books and movies and other things they loved this year, and what they're looking forward to next year. The first few posts are already up. In this one, writer Meljean Brook talks about Wonder Woman, with illustrations.

I'll have a guest post there later in the month.


I usually do an annual book rec post for the holidays, where you guys rec books that would make great presents. This time I wanted to do that, plus also get recs of online craft/etsy shops, particularly small businesses/tiny businesses that could benefit from a little extra traffic during the holidays.

So in the comments, feel free to rec books and craft and etsy shops you think would make great gifts. Here's a few places I wanted to rec:

Jewelry: Dixie Dunbar Studio, By Lillian (this is lillian13, and I've bought some of her jewelry and have been very happy with it), Belaurient Arts.

Art Photos: The Various Arts of Katie Cowden

Or if you want a signed book by me, I sell autographed hardcovers of Wheel of the Infinite through my web site here. (I can only take Paypal and checks, unfortunately.)

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my friend Megan makes gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry and fine art linocut prints:

i've always been delighted with the jewelry i've bought from her.

I've read some good YA books recently: Shades of London: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson is about a Louisiana girl whose parents take a teaching sabbatical in Bristol, so she winds up at a boarding school in London...where she has a near-death experience and begins seeing ghosts. Which isn't the scariest thing that happens to her, since someone is re-creating Jack the Ripper's murders nearby...

I also read and loved Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon - a book about a Chinese girl whose long journey to rescue her father is complicated by demons and dragons and Goddesses and an enemy from one of her past lives. (Note: I've linked to the Kindle version because the new print version has a horribly whitewashed cover which dehumanizes the character by cutting off the model's face. and it is giving me a rage headache.)

The two I'd recommend most strongly, though, are:

1) Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, which I wish somebody would give me for a present. It was a fantastic fantasy - scary and wondrous and sweet.

2) The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne Valente. This book is one of the best books I've read this year, and I think it will be regarded as one of the great classics of modern childrens' literature. I've pushed this book at just about everybody who came to the circulation desk. If you haven't read it, you need to.

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Morningstar Hall is my Etsy store. All kinds of stuff there, including pirate maps -- hand drawn! -- and twisted wire suncatchers under $20, as well as higher-ticket items for people you really want to spoil.

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For genre friends with a bit of a larger pocket - why not buy an original Jody Lee (she of the Michelle West and Mercedes Lackey and Jo Clayton, etc. etc. DAW covers) at Etsy - either in glass or a real painting? She even offers custom portraits although it would be too late to get one of those for Christmas:
I bought a beautiful postcard size oilpainting from her and it shipped safely and soundly to Germany even. This one is mine *chortle* my preciousssssss

Oh and her glass art is affordable for the genre friend who has already spent a lot of money on gifts.

Erin Blakemore's book The Heroine's Bookshelf is wonderful, fun, fascinating, nourishing and inspiring, and as I read it (as a beta reader), I thought: I want to give a copy of this to every woman I know! I don't often feel that kind of missionary zeal, or that conviction that SO MANY different women of my acquaintance would all enjoy it, but this book really did feel like a perfect holiday gift to me.

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Thanks for the rec - I'll see if we can't get that in our library. :)

I went and poked around in my etsy favorites, and have some non-book recs, as well.

Check out these Edgar Allen and Virginia Poe earrings by Persephoneplus. You can also get Mary and Percy Shelley and the Brownings as earrings in her shop, as well as many other designs. They won't break the bank, either, as most of her earrings are around $22.

I definitely covet this Bronze ray gun pendant ($19). Dragonstreasure has lots of cool steampunky pendants, including an old-fashioned diving helmet.

Etsy seller skeletal dropkick has so many nifty ceramic goodies I can't pick a single one out. There's this Zombie bowl, complete with 'brain' lid and graveworm poking out, this set of ceramic skull pitcher-and-mugs, and this Frankenstein's monster salt cellar. The prices are ok, but the shipping will kill you, as ceramics are heavy.

For less pricey fare, there's P. Tierney designs, who sell lightweight literary jewelry. My faves are the Holmes and Watson quote pin ($6.50) and the Poirot quote pin, though the Sherlock Holmes dangle pin ($18.50) and the Crime scene tape earrings ($6.00) are also fantastic.

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Artists on Etsy I've purchased from in the past:

Jewelry: Amy Nieto, Vivian Gaston Designs (pricey but oh so gorgeous)

Art: Mincing Mockingbird, Jen Renninger

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