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We're having a rainy post-Xmas morning. The kitchen looks like it went on a wild grease and sugar bender and is now doing its walk of shame. I think today will be for watching movies and eating leftovers.

Christmas eve, we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie (second time for me and Troyce, first time for the two friends who were with us) then went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. This is becoming a tradition, since we also did it last year. One of our friends said she's beginning to associate Christmas with the smell of fried rice. Then we went back home and watched Love, Actually, one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Yesterday I cooked turkey and stuffing and gravy and green beans, and we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, The Guild seasons 1 and 2, and the new Doctor Who Christmas Special, which was awesome. I loved Madge!


The Book Smugglers Most Highly Coveted Books of 2012 part 2 The Serpent Sea is on this list with a lot of other great books.

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Yes! Madge was awesome. :)

Awesome that The Serpent Sea was right at the top of the list! (And my copy just arrived! I'll have something to read on the plane -- yay!)

Loved the Doctor Who special -- it did manage to catch a bit of the "feel" of the Narnia books mixed in with the SF, at least to me. (Sort of like catching a whiff of cardamon in a mix of spices...) Was incredibly pleased with Amy and the Doctor's reunion -- felt like the right mix of low-key "of course" and yet still poignant. And Madge was fantastic.

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