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The Cloud Roads

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If you don't already have it, the Kindle US edition of The Cloud Roads is still currently free: here.

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Got my copy of The Serpent Sea today!

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The book's official release date isn't until January 3, so the ebook versions won't be out until then. (Most bookstores don't have the paperback copies out yet.) I'll post here as soon as I see the ebook versions are available.

It's not at my B&N yet, 'cause I checked. More's the pity.

I'm betting it doesn't show up in B&Ns until next Tuesday, when they put out the new books.

Don't own a Kindle, but got me a Kindle App on my Mac, so I guess I'll be buying more digital books now. Looking forward, etc.

I have an iPad, and keep meaning to try ebooks, but haven't done it yet. I want to eventually because they would be so much more convenient for traveling.

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