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Favorite Posts

In lieu of other content, I'm going to link to some of my favorite posts from the Night Bazaar this past year:

Don't Let Them Take Your Reynards The Death of the Necromancer, published in 1998, was my third novel, and my first with a new publisher, Avon Eos. Everything went fine through the editorial process, right up until I received the copyedit, and found that one of the major supporting characters, Captain Reynard Morane, had been all but removed from the book. And it happened that Reynard was gay.

My Favorite Women
There were a lot of books with female protagonists, and sometimes the covers didn’t show them as just sexy victims, but they aren’t as memorable to me as this one. The book more than fulfills the promise of the cover, as Zelde fights her way up from street kid enslaved by a dystopian government to become a space pirate captain and a rebel. It’s a rough raw R-rated story, and I was probably a little young for it, but I feel like it was what I needed to read at that time.

Don't Be That Guy The first review I saw for my first novel was in a national SF/F magazine, and from her summary of the plot, I could tell the reviewer hadn’t actually read the book. She had read the somewhat misleading description on the jacket, and probably the first and last chapters, but not all that stuff in the middle. This wasn’t the last time that happened to me. It isn’t uncommon, and will happen at one point or another to most writers.

Favorite SF/F Worlds and Cultures These are all worlds that permanently impressed themselves into my brain, and greatly influenced my own writing.


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