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The Serpent Sea

The Serpent Sea eBook Versions

Surprise for me! The Serpent Sea is available on Kindle US early. ETA: (I think I misread the screen. The ebook may just be available for preorder.)

It is up for Kindle preorder on Kindle UK, Kindle Germany, and Kindle France, Kindle Spain, and Kindle Italy

I don't see it on the Nook yet, but I'll keep an eye on that. It will also be here on Baen Webscription ebooks, probably for $6.00, eventually, as well as Kobo.

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Can't wait can't wait can't WAIT

My non ebook was shipped right before Christmas but it's not at work yet (and neither am I). I just checked with someone. I so wanted it to be there today so I could sneak in and get it.

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