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Into the light

More eBook News Plus Other Stuff

Had a bad night, spent some time lying awake with a bout of anxiety and depression. Hopefully I can get moving and get some good work done today. I'm currently working on the climax for third Raksura book. Lots of logistical issues to figure out.

I am in a SF Signal Mindmeld with lots of other neat people: MIND MELD: Genre Resolutions for 2012

Over at Sarah Prineas' blog, you can enter to win a copy of Jenn Reese's new SF middlegrade book Above World (You can see a description on Jenn's site here). Start your kids out right as SF/F fans. And while you're at it, check out Sarah Prineas' fantasy Winterling.

And there's a review of The Serpent Sea over at ReadtheDamnBook.


More on The Serpent Sea availability: It's now on Nook and also on iTunes.

Yes, there is an audiobook of The Serpent Sea, narrated by the awesome Christopher Kipiniak: it's on and as well as iTunes.

So I can have it all in one spot, all the other places to get ebooks are:
Baen Webscription
The other NookBooks
Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany,, Kindle Spain, Kindle Italy.
Sony Reader Store

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Glad to have had you in our Mind Meld :)

Thanks for inviting me! :)

I'm deeply amused by the line in the review at ReadtheDamnBook where he says Moon's story is not "My Fair Raksura" (can't comment over there, as I don't have Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress IDs)

Yes, I liked that bit. :)

Requiring an ID is probably an attempt to block spam. WordPress blogs get deluged with spam messages, unless you have the special plug-in to help filter them. On the Night Bazaar, the ratio was probably more than 100 spam comments to one real person comment. It was insane.

ReadtheDamnBook? Oh, how I want to! But Amazon UK now says it can't get hold of The Serpent Sea from its suppliers till the end of January, even though I pre-ordered it ages ago...

I hoping this supply problem is a result of unexpectedly huge sales figures! I honestly won't mind waiting if it's because everybody else in the world has ordered a copy as well.

I'm pretty sure it's not because of unexpectedly huge sales, unfortunately. Hopefully they're overestimating the time and the books will be there soon.

Just finished inhaling Serpent Sea. Wonderful. Now to wait for the next volume.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Yay! Going to get the audio serpent sea now!

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