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I think I've got most of my plot and logistical issues figured out and am hoping to get more actual prose hammered out today. It's the last couple of chapters but this part of a book always feels like a big hurdle. So close but so far.

Anyway. If you have been looking for The Serpent Sea at Barnes and Noble, most of the stores will not be getting the book. You can ask them to special order it, though I've heard some people have had trouble doing that. If a Barnes and Noble store is going to get the book, it doesn't seem to be coming in until the 17th. I don't know if there will be a similar problem with finding copies of The Cloud Roads but I wouldn't be too surprised.

In light of that, some cheery things:

maryrobinette: Very Funny Muppet Outtake Reel and Outtakes from Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas


YouTube: Doctor Who Does the Proclaimers


All the proceeds from Patrick Rothfuss' The Tinker's Packs online store goes to the WorldBuilders Heifer International Fundraiser. He's selling posters, calendars, and now foreign language editions of his books, plus books donated by me, Carol Berg, Anne Bishop, Peter V. Brett, Stephen Deas, Laura Anne Gilman, Katharine Kerr, Scott Lynch, and Garth Nix. There's one copy each of the Spanish, French, and German editions of The Death of the Necromancer up for sale, plus others.

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About halfway through Serpent Sea, I love it! I think I should take a day off work to stay home and read it.

You should! :) Very glad you're enjoying it.

It just doesn't make sense what Barnes and Noble is doing, especially since Cloud Roads is easily available through them. Do you have any reason why they are delaying getting it on their shelves? I'm sorry that they've been such a pain about getting it out there. :-/

Thanks. :) It is really depressing, since many people who read The Cloud Roads may never realize The Serpent Sea is out. (This is pretty much what happened with my Ile-Rien trilogy.)

I'm not sure why the delay; the independent stores I can check online all had it around or before January 1. I did hear that B&N is apparently buying fewer copies of a lot of new releases, which sounds like a really crazy thing to do.

I don't know if any stores local to you have been renovated, but mine has changed drastically. The area that was cd/dvd is now a big kids section which is in addition to the previous kids area. There's a huge nook area right in the middle of the store. It's circular which means that there's a heck of a lot of unused space. And the shelves of games, puzzles, etc. has been expanded. All adding up to: less space for books!

SF/F section didn't seem too affected, and I think they had a copy or two of Serpent Sea when I visited last weekend. Maybe it was Cloud Roads instead. I'm pretty sure there's a fan doing the ordering and they seem to have a pretty good collection.

Yeah, ours has done the same thing with the toys and games. It doesn't make a huge amount of sense, since there's a Toys R Us in town they can't possibly compete with.

I noticed something similar with the MMPB release of Herbert and Anderson's Hellhole. Usually if I go looking on the Buns&Noodle website for a book, if it's already released it'll give you the opportunity to reserve an in-store copy. Hellhole was released back in Nov. 2011, yet the option to reserve in-store never appeared. I ended up calling the nearest Buns&Noodle store, got them to verify if they had a copy, and reserve it for me that way. Based on my experience over the past year or 2 ... I'm of the opinion that Amazon is about the only way to go in terms of service - YMMV.

The Serpent Sea for whatever reason doesn't seem to be on the general release list (I see it heading to the usual sci-fi heavy stores, but not the general fiction stores). I also see that while we have plenty in the warehouse for order, it's not as many as we usually do. On the other hand, most stores are showing the first one still in stock - a lot of them on model, which is good!

The 17th thing is bull - B&N will ALWAYS say a book isn't out till the Tuesday that is its official release date but unless it's the next Harry Potter or some other hard release date, they sell it as soon as they get it. So some stores may already have it.

I'm glad Cloud Roads is on model in places, that's encouraging. I'm just really afraid the people who only knew Cloud Roads was out because they saw it in the store or impulse-bought it aren't going to know the Serpent Sea exists.

Augh, to make this business any more stressful, it would have to involve car chases or tightrope walking or something.

I got my copy of the Serpent Sea about 3 days after I ordered it. And I noticed that we got at least two copies for shelf stock at my store the other day, too. So maybe the problem isn't as widespread as it appeared?

(of course, I do need to make sure we stock a few copies of the Cloud Roads, too. *makes a note*)

Thanks, that's good to know! Yes, I'm hoping it does make it into more stores than they thought it would.

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