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Book Giveaway by Benjamin Tate/Joshua Palmatier

This is a book giveaway post by Benjamin Tate/Joshua Palmatier! Win a free book:


ETA: Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner of the signed copy of LEAVES OF FLAME is kevin_pearson! If you wanted a second chance, check out the Word of Mouth Contest going on now, where you can enter by mentioning the book on your blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

I’d like to thank Martha Wells for inviting me to the blog to do a giveaway! That’s right, a giveaway! So what am I giving away? Well, like Martha, I’m a writer and my latest book Leaves of Flame has just hit the shelves. This is the second book in what is loosely being called my Well series, started with Well of Sorrows. I’d like to get the word spread about the series, especially since I’m so excited about the new release. So why not give away a copy of the new book? All of you have to do is comment to this post to be entered. I’ll select one winner at random. I’d suggest you ask a question about me, the books, writing, whatever, but that’s not required. A simple comment will do as an entry. But I’m more than willing to swing back every now and then and answer whatever questions you have.

If you aren’t familiar with me or my series, here’s a quick introduction and the cover copy of the new book, along with the cool cover art of both the first and the second book.

My name is actually Joshua Palmatier and I have a trilogy out from DAW under that name called the Throne of Amenkor series. I also edit anthologies with Patricia Bray under that name. The first anthology is called After Hours: Tales from the Ur-bar and in March the second anthology will be out, called The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity. But the new series is being released under the pseudonym Benjamin Tate. I live in upstate New York, teaching mathematics at SUNY College at Oneonta as a day job and writing fantasy novels in my spare time. I also teach spinning classes at the local gym, and collect crackle glass and Star Wars LEGOs. I’ve begun delving into Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean LEGOs. You can find out more about my books at or, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter (bentateauthor).

The new novel, Leaves of Flame picks up the story of Colin Harten and the series starts with my attempt to combine the story of “settling the west” with a fantasy setting. I have my main characters head out into the plains of the unexplored continent in covered wagons. That was the “big idea” that drove me to sit down into the chair and begin writing. Here’s the cover copy for the second novel:

One hundred years have passed since Colin Harten—transformed to something more than human by the magic of the Lifeblood contained in the Well of Sorrows—used his new powers to broker a peace agreement between the humans, dwarren, and Alvritshai races of Wrath Suvane. Since then all three races have greatly expanded their empires. And Colin has continuously sought ways to defeat the dark spirits known as the sukrael—and the Wraiths they have created to act for them in the physical world. Yet Colin has not been able to prevent the dark spirits from reawakening more and more Wells, thus extending their power across the lands.

Having mastered three of the five magics of Wrath Suvane, Colin has gifted each race with a magical Tree to protect them from incursions of the dark forces. He has also realized that unless a certain number of Wells are left open, their magic can never be stabilized, and the land will be torn apart by this uncontrolled force.

But now the enemy has located the one Well that is key to controlling the entire network, and if Colin can’t find a means to stop them from claiming and activating this Well, it could mean the end of all three races. . . .

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User jpsorrow referenced to your post from Free Book! Giveaway! saying: [...] a book giveaway over at Martha Wells' blog ()! All you have to do is stop on by and leave a comment [...]

Giveaway for LEAVES OF FLAME!

User jpsorrow referenced to your post from Giveaway for LEAVES OF FLAME! saying: [...] a book giveaway over at Martha Wells' blog ()! All you have to do is stop on by and leave a comment [...]

I am really puzzled as to why publishers think it necessary to publish people under more than one name - it's really confusing for the buyer, who may look for more things by an author they've enjoyed, and not find them because they're not looking in the 'right' place ... if a writer is good, they're good in any genre, and any setting, IMHO.

Secondly, who on earth decided that LEGO needed a plural?! It certainly never had one when I was a child - or, at least, it did: the plural was LEGO.

I read the Throne of Amenkor series back when it was originally released and thought it was well done. I have Well of Sorrows as well (not yet read as I like completed series) and am looking forward to Leaves of Flame.

I'm all in for a free book! Sounds like a good read. Will it be autographed by the author (crossing fingers).

Your new book looks fantastic :) Do you ship to Canada? LOL I'll trade for some snow... :D

I'll throw my hat into the ring as well. A free signed copy always seems to read better... should I be the lucky one.

We've been without snow until yesterday. Have plenty, and it's still falling. Want some?

Split personalities are such fun! I have so many writer friends with multiple names I can't keep them all straight some days. How is the new series faring compared to your earlier work?

This book sounds interesting so I will comment--I like seeing how the writing world can interact, as well.

This looks interesting. I saw Well of Sorrows last year. I'm not sure why I didn't pick it up. I know I intended to. Probably cash and time constraints. Anyway, please consider me entered. If I win, I'll have to buy Well of Sorrows since it comes first.

sounds interesting! Please enter me in the contest as well (I hope I'm not too late)

I'd love to win one for our library. :)

::off to see if we have Well of Sorrows on the shelf::

I didn't realize this author was writing under two names! Now that I know, I am going to hunt down the first book, and I'd love to have this one too! Thanks!

Book giveaways are always cool. And I love your stuff. Count me in.

(Deleted comment)
I received a tweet from Benjamin/Joshua that I won. Excellent news - do you need my mailing information?

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