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We're having a huge thunderstorm now with tornado warnings, sequel to the thunderstorms we had yesterday. Also yesterday we got pea-sized hail, which is probably one of the scariest weather things to be caught out in. Depending on the size (and we've had golfball and softball sized before) it can tear up roofs, break through car windows, etc. While it was going on yesterday, a mail truck whipped down our street, did a confused doughnut in the middle of the cul-de-sac, then pulled up under the branches of one of our pine trees. I realized he had come down here for the neighbor's oak tree, which had big branches overhanging far out into the street. But the city cut it back closer to the curb this summer because it was whacking the crap out of the garbage truck. Fortunately the hail didn't last long.

Anyway, that's about all I've got today. Oh, have an orphaned baby orangutan getting a mom at the Houston zoo.

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I hope your roof survives intact ;o)

Thanks! It should be okay. Though of course it's hitting the side of the house where we didn't replace the windows.

Yikes! Sending you safe thoughts.

Yeah.... I started to take my dog outside around 7 in a brief moment of calm.... less than a minute later there were gale
force winds and sideways rain, and a much shorter walk than planned D:

Please send some of the rain and hail to West Texas. We need something to take the dust out of the air. I'm tired of the sky being brown. You can keep the wind, though. We have enough of our own. :)

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