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ConDFW and More

First, congrats to all the Nebula nominees and Andre Norton Award nominees!

I've got a couple of questions answers left, and I'll do those tomorrow.

I was at ConDFW in Dallas all weekend and had a great time. In lieu of a full con report, here's a couple of pictures:

This is before the panel on being distracted while writing, with Cherie Priest, Susan Sinor, Michelle Muenzler, and me. Michael Ashleigh Finn was on it too but didn't arrive until a bit later. We were all very distracted.

This is a rare picture of me. (Rare because I don't often post them.)

This is a photo I've been meaning to post for a while and forgot. A friend was doing a project to fold 1000 paper cranes. She was collecting interesting scraps of paper to do it with, and I gave her the cut-up hardcover of Wheel of the Infinite which was sacrificed to make the ebook version (I still need to update the web site with the new links, but these are all the places where it's currently available: Barnes and Noble NookBook, Amazon Kindle, Kindle UK, Kindle De,,,, Lulu epub.)

Anyway, below is the 1001 crane, made from the cover of Wheel of the Infinite:

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I'm betting Cherie Priest is a hoot, too.

Oh, I love the crane! That is kind of awesome.

Here's a photo of some of the other cranes on Tumblr

Did you see the NASA booth? I've been getting their end of the experience on Facebook, and it sounds as though they were making an effort to get into the spirit of things -- even putting Camilla the rubber chicken in a Steampunk outfit, which may have been more amusing for those of us who are used to seeing her in a flight suit than to a general audience.

I saw it but didn't get a chance to look it over closely -- I had a lot of programming on Saturday and not much time to go through the dealer's room, then we left early Sunday.

Awesome. Crane of the Infinite!

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