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I've been working on my yard, pulling out dead plants and bushes killed in the drought and trying to get our vegetable garden planted. The ground is pretty soft right now with all the rain we've had, so it's a good time to do it. I'm also hoping the mud is not a happy environment for snakes.


Two links that make me think of the Raksura books:

IO9: Artist transforms bonsai trees and empty cans into insane Lilliputian cities

Bridget on Twitter found this one: Floating Beds


NY Times Berkeley’s Artwork Loss Is a Museum’s Gain
BERKELEY, Calif. — Everybody misplaces something sometime. But it is not easy for the University of California, Berkeley, to explain how it lost a 22-foot-long carved panel by a celebrated African-American sculptor, or how, three years ago, it mistakenly sold this work, valued at more than a million dollars, for $150 plus tax.

This piece could so easily have been destroyed, and instead it's ended up as the prize of the Huntington Library's collection, just because when it was sold as scrap the guy who bought it thought it was beautiful and special. But it makes you wonder what else has been lost over the years, with so many old buildings, libraries, theaters, being abandoned and left to rot or knocked down.


Sarah Rees Brennan sarahtales does The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
I thought this was the perfect day to make my Gothic Tuesday (and Secret Sleuth Thursday) post about a book I love, which is both a Gothic and a sleuthin' lady story.
This story is super implausible, but not for the reasons you think.
Wilkie Collins, the author of this book, had at least three personal acquaintances who had actually shut up their actual wives in madhouses with no trouble.

Margaret Cho: Shut Up Karl
You should hide behind that fan Karl Lagerfeld, shame on you, for calling Adele ‘a little bit fat’. Who are you? What is the point of saying that? What are you trying to prove? Why are you trying to cut a bitch down? Shame shame shame. Don’t read people as that only leads to being read to and you don’t want to hear that story. You have talked about being bullied, and I am sure you were. I see it, as I was bullied too, and I am disappointed in you, for here you have proven yourself to be quite good at it, and you are the very worst kind – a condescending one.

Terrible Minds: 25 Things I Want to Say to So-called Aspiring Writers
3. Aspiring Writers, Far As The Eye Can See

Nobody respects writers, yet everybody wants to be one (probably because everybody wants to be one). Point is, you want to be a writer? Good for you. So does that guy. And that girl. And him. And her. And that old dude. And that young broad. And your neighbor. And your mailman. And that chihuahua. And that copy machine. Ahead of you is an ocean of wannabe ink-slaves and word-earners. I don’t say this to daunt you. Or to be dismissive. But you have to differentiate yourself and the way you do that is by doing rather than be pretending. You will climb higher than them on a ladder built from your wordsmithy.

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I imagined them as being longer and more nutshell-shaped, but this is close! And yeah, the swinging every time the cats jumped on and off would drive me nuts.

Ever since I first saw the bonsai cities I've longed to shrink down and live there.

They're so intricate and gorgeous. I want to live in the woods in a full-size one.

Must share: bonsai castles!

User tuftears referenced to your post from Must share: bonsai castles! saying: [...] Rebroadcast from Martha Wells. [...]

The heat killed one of my prized yellow azaleas last I ripped it out today. :(

Yeah, the drought sucked. It killed a bunch of my hollies that had been there almost since we bought the house, and my new bamboo plant.

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