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I'm not feeling so well this morning, but need to get out and run errands, including to the drugstore to hopefully help the whole not feeling well thing. Yesterday it nearly 80, today it's in the 50s. Augh.


Seanan McGuire: An Awkward Situation and a Plea Author Seanan McGuire has gotten harassing and threatening email because Amazon decided to release her book in print form two weeks early, but not the ebook. She has no control over it, her publisher has no control over it, it was Amazon's decision. But people who ordered the ebook version, angry at having to wait until March 6 to get the ebook, decided the best response was to send threats of sexual violence to Seanan.

PW: Sharon Shinn talks about her new book at Genreville

IO9: Scifi author spoils his entire book series for terminally ill fan This is both heart-rending and wonderful. Nachu Bhatnagar is a huge fan of author Harry Turtledove's The War That Came Early alternate history novel series. Sadly, Nachu also suffers from terminal cancer and may pass away this June. The video isn't work safe due to happy swearing.

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Hope you feel better soon, Martha!

Thanks :) I'm just glad the weekend is about to start.

I read Nachu Bhatnagar's story when you retweeted it yesterday. It made me tear up almost instantly.

In other news, if I get diagnosed with a fast-acting terminal illness between now and Raksura 3, you're getting a call.

Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

I read Seanan's plea. The people who did that are just disgusting beyond belief. It makes me so mad that people think they have the right to say stuff like that.

I'm kind of glad I viewed the links in order because the last one...I cried. So awesome of everyone involved to set all of that up for Nachu.

Thanks :)

It's crazy. Some people seem to think they have a right to do anything they want to anybody online, and pro authors make a nice, vulnerable target. What makes this make even less sense is that most publishers give authors a somewhat higher royalty on ebooks, so nobody has any reason to suppress or delay ebook sales.

I cried, too. :) I think I'm going to watch it again now.

I don't understand any person who thinks that an author would purposely withhold their finished book from sale either. It's the author's livelihood, so why would they purposely want to keep the thing that makes money for them from the shelves, be they dead-tree or digital? Just totally illogical. But then, the Internet and logic aren't always cosy bedfellows...

His just warmed my heart because every expletive seemed to be an expression of not being able to say thank you enough to his friend and those involved in getting the advanced copy of the book and phone call/meeting set up. Also, I'm a sucker for small happinesses like the joy of getting something as simple as a book in an age where dying wishes are often grandiose.

Yeah, I don't get that either. A lot of people really don't seem to get the correlation between books selling and authors getting to publish more books. It's almost like they see "pro author" has a job you get given and that you have as long as you want, regardless. It's like they don't get the idea that every book, or every book contract, is like a temp job and that if the books don't perform the way the publisher expects them to, you get fired. And since all the sales numbers are available to all the publishers, it makes it that much harder to sell another book anywhere else.

His reaction is wonderful. I love the moment where he realizes just what book he's holding.

Feel better soon.

Our weather, it is weird.

Thanks. :)

Yeah, it's bad today. The wind just about ripped the car door out of my hand at every stop I made.

What Seanan McGuire is going through is so awful. I can't fathom how people can do that sort of thing. Especially if people who supposedly considers themselves fans of her work, enough to want to buy her books - how can they then turn around and treat her like that? It's completely insane. :-(

If it makes you feel any better about your weather, where I am (Toronto) the temperature is hovering just around freezing and it's pelting down huge globs of wet snow/slush, with high winds thrown into the bargain. I am not looking forward to going outside. I think I would prefer if it were a little colder so we actually had proper snow. The soggy, melts-on-contact kind is worse, because it soaks into your hair and clothes and you actually get much more chilled than you would if it were colder but dry.

Yes, it's completely crazy. It's like entitlement taken to some bizarre extreme.

I think our winter is pretty much over. We never got an ice storm, which is pretty common here in February.

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