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We watched the movie J. Edgar over the weekend, and it was really good. It's not exactly a fun movie, but it's told from Hoover's perspective, and basically shows how the reality inside his head intersected with the rest of reality. It's a neat study in using an unreliable narrator, particularly in the moments when it lets you know that Hoover is describing something that never happened.


The Pitfalls of Freelancing

Judith Tarr has started her Kickstarter for a new novel Living in Threes
Three lives, three times, one world: a mystery that spans millennia. LIVING IN THREES is the story of three young women in three different ages of the world, who work together across space and time to solve an ancient mystery and end a terrible plague.

I've written the first draft of this novel. I'm planning to rewrite it, commission a cover and interior art from a wonderful young artist, and publish it this fall as an ebook from Book View Cafe. I'll keep backers up to date as I write; I'll share snippets of the story as I go, and the art and illustrations as well.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books: Kay Manning, Peyton Bradshaw, Kristal Singletary and Plagiarism
Since January there's been coverage of plagiarism on Amazon, with folks self-publishing works in the public domain or copying works by other authors, slapping their own names on them, and selling them.

Movie Poster of the Week: “The Public Enemy” and the Berwick Discovery of Lost Movie Posters

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Copyright law does require that the person whose copyright has been stolen do all the prosecution. That's one of the flaws in it, to my mind. I know I've had original artwork stolen, and have not had the money to prosecute the thieves. This is not justice.

Yes, it's really unfair. In this case, the least Amazon could do was to give the real author Amazon's large cut of the money the plagiarist had made on sales, and they won't even do that.

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