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Monday, Monday, Monday

It's Monday again, inevitably. I feel like I got a lot done over the weekend, but it's all little stuff. Cleaned out the air conditioner (winter is over for us)(there should be a logo for this time of year, like from Game of Thrones: "Summer is Coming" with a ring a fire behind it), washed blankets, weeded, watered things that aren't weeds, etc.

I think the Three Worlds Compendium is about ready to go. I want to add a couple more things, then I'll link to it tomorrow. I'll be adding to it as I think of things to add, or as people make suggestions, or as things I have to add become non-spoilery.

If you missed it, I did a post yesterday on Ralph McQuarrie, who passed away this week, and about loneliness and fandom and imagination and escapism.


This is a support/advice community for people who want to declutter and clean their homes: Unf*ck Your Habitat Warning, there is nonworksafe motivational swearing.
Yes, it involves some yelling and swearing. Yes, I will call you lazy if the situation warrants it. But, it’s about motivation, and support, and accountability. There’s a weird sort of void in the “taking care of your physical surroundings” stuff, in the archaic “how to keep a home” and “how to be domestic” arenas. It tends to ignore single people, or people without kids, or students, or people with pets, or people with roommates, or people with full-time jobs, or classes, or other shit going on. It assumes everyone is married with kids and one partner is around a lot of the time, and has a lot of time to devote to “housekeeping.” Well, we don’t all live that life. Very few of us do.

There are some great tips for cheap cleaning solutions. I immediately had to try the baking soda and vinegar drain volcano, and it was awesome.


More links:

A website listing Feminist Fantasy

Jessica Lee Jernigan: Loose All female sins can be reduced to same one: a refusal to allow men to define and control female sexuality.

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the baking soda and vinegar is a great "solution". I found out about that, years ago. I was reading up on environmentally-friendly product information at the time.

I'd heard of UFYH via Catherynne Valente's blog, but hadn't yet gotten around to checking it out. And I totally agree about there generally being a lack of info out there that's geared toward taking care of your living space but doesn't sound like it's directed toward June Cleaver. This site looks like a very useful corrective to that...

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Yeah, I liked that article a lot, too. I saw it when Elizabeth Hand linked to it on FB.

Thanks! I actually wrote it as a present for a friend when I was writing Serpent Sea. (The books hadn't sold yet but the friend was one of the beta readers for The Cloud Roads.) I liked how it turned out, but it didn't seem to fit in the pacing of the book at that point. Anyway, glad you liked it!

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