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The Cloud Roads


Awesome good thing yesterday:

Jessica Peffer sent me this lovely fan art of Moon from The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea:

This absolutely made my weekend! I love his expression, and that he's wearing the consort bracelet Jade gave him. This is part of the Three Worlds Compendium now, and you can see Jessica's other artwork on her web site at

I posted about this on Twitter first, and N.K. Jemisin linked to some of the fan art she's gotten for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms here (click on the "Fan Fun" tag for more) and Kate Elliott got one of Andevai from Cold Magic and Cold Fire here. (You can see the artist's other work at Spiral Knot.)


The artist Moebius (Jean Giraud) passed away yesterday, and John Picacio has a memory of him here. This Tumblr has a collection of his work.

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What a compliment, for someone to dedicate so much time and effort to your creation. I think it's awesome!

I don't know much about Moebius, except that he did a lot of work on The Fifth Element. I bought a book of that work in French even though I can't read it, because I love the design work that went into that movie.

Holy crap, that's gorgeous! It's so perfectly how I imagine Moon, and even better because his expression!! It's's pensive and a little disgruntled, but there's a layer of defensiveness that I imagine hides his uncertainty. I love it.

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