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Into the light

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Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Mostly I've been working on the yard, plus starting to do some revisions on The Siren Depths. Also, the weather has been gray and overcast, and my allergies are making me move slowly. Like a sloth.

Baby Sloth Video.

Anyway, I do have another missing scene for the Three Worlds Compendium, which hopefully I'll be posting tomorrow.


Couple of links:

Racialicious: O Captain, My Captain: A Look Back At Deep Space Nine’s Ben Sisko Deep Space 9 was my favorite Star Trek.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Ryan Matheson’s Personal Statement
In a two-year ordeal, a computer programmer is arrested in Ottawa and tormented and abused by Canadian police for having manga comic book images on his laptop.

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The Benny Russell DS9 episode felt to me, the first time I watched it, "anvillicious". But a second viewing got me to reconsider it was brilliant.

Ben Sisko is my favorite Star Trek captain. I never understood why DS9 wasn't embraced by the people who should have loved it.

One thing the article didn't touch on is that not only was Ben a very present and devoted father but he came by that from the example of his own father, still involved in his life as a grown man. There was such a strong sense of family in all three generations and I think that's pretty unique in the genre regardless of color. For it to be so strong with a character of color is something to be treasured.

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