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The Serpent Sea

New Missing Scene on the Three Worlds Compendium

Had to go to the grocery store early this morning to get all the things I forgot when I went to the grocery store the last time. It turns out that when you're having an allergy/sinus issue that's making you sleepy and stupid, you go to the grocery store and buy things like organic lettuce and sesame chips, and not things like rice and carrots and cat litter and other things that you actually need. Let this be a lesson to all of you.

There is a new missing scene from The Cloud Roads on the Three Worlds Compendium. It's a scene between Jade and Stone, not long after Moon and Stone reach the colony. It was originally an experiment in doing some scenes from Jade's perspective, but I decided I didn't want the reader to know more about what Jade was thinking than Moon did.

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O M G!!

I'm starting to wonder how Stone got to be as old as he is. It's like he's *trying* to make someone kill him!!

hahahaha, I love Stone, he's such a cheeky old bastard XD

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! He really is. :) I have so much fun with him.

Right, he can't talk in his shifted form, but that didn't get nailed down until later. I should put a note on there about that.

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