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The Serpent Sea

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We saw Dralion last night, the touring show of Cirque du Soleil! It was incredibly gorgeous, and my favorite parts were the trampoline people who walked up walls, the 18th-century-looking ghost dancers in the back when the rolling ball guy was in the center stage, the center stage aerial acts, and some of the more whack things the clowns did. There is a sequence with one of the clowns being attacked by his stomach, dying, and ascending to heaven. It was simultaneously creepy, hilarious, and WTF all at once. Also, a clown got eaten by a dragon.

The staging was not as elaborate as we'd hoped from seeing clips of the standing shows, plus the tumbling acts would have been more surprising if we hadn't seen the Beijing Acrobats last year, but it was really cool. The live music was incredible.

I got a nice surprise yesterday when someone let me know the SF/F splash page for has a highlight on the audiobook version of The Serpent Sea. I'm not sure how long it will be there so I took a screen shot. (I don't see stuff like this with my books very often. Or at all, usually.)


CBS: Rare Color Photos from the 1930s-1940s

The Rejectionist: Dear Superior Person a rant on pretty much everything that's gone on lately.
Every writer I care about, every writer I know, is better and more important and more ambitious than Jonathan Franzen, and we should all be famous, and we should all be earning a living, and we should get to live in a world that doesn't let things like the murder of Trayvon Martin happen, that doesn't let Arizona happen, that doesn't let a lot of things happen.

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I saw Dralion a few years ago when it was still touring in a tent - what a fun show!

That Rejectionist column is great. I tried to leave a comment saying so, but my god, that is the worst CAPTCHA I've ever seen in my life. I tried five times, alternating between the visual and audio versions, and eventually gave up. The weird thing is, with the visual ones, I always thought I was typing the right thing, but it kept saying I was wrong. *sigh* I suspect this kind of thing is going to happen more and more as I get older...

I have trouble with those, too. It doesn't help that some of them take the words from blurry scans, either.

In the touring shows they can't get quite as elaborate with the sets as they do in the standing shows, however, watching the incredible things the human body and imagination can do is so astounding it always overcomes that for me. Next time we go to Las Vegas I hope to see another standing show.

Congratulations on the Audible thing! that's wonderful!

Yeah, I really want to see one of the standing shows. They have a big one at Disneyworld, too.

Thanks! :)

You just consistently post the BEST links.

Have you seen these pics before? They're from Russia in the 1910s.

And yeah, it was the splash for The Serpent Sea on Audible that reminded me that i'd added The Cloud Roads to my wishlist but i still needed to actually go purchase it :)

Yes, those are incredible!

And thank you. :)

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