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We had some great rain yesterday afternoon and last night, and looks like more today. It's such a relief. I made it to the grocery store this morning, since we were pretty much out of food. I also got vinegar since I need to do a vinegar and baking soda drain volcano on the kitchen sink.

I have new people on my friends' lists in various places, so thought I'd mention again the Three Worlds Compendium on my web site. It's got the short stories set in the same world as The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea, information about the world for fun and as a resource for fanfic writers, and a link to some great fan art, which I'm hoping to have more of.


The kickstarter for the Tales of the Emerald Serpent Shared World Anthology is really starting to take off. You can buy in at $5.00 for an ebook copy of the anthology, but some of the more expensive buy-ins have cool rewards. Like for $140.00 you get all the previous rewards listed, plus Juliet McKenna will make you a cross-stitch smart phone cover with an image from the anthology's art.

Also, the big reward at $350.00 is all the previous awards listed, plus you receive a physical copy of one of the book’s nine short stories, personally signed to you by the author AND the original artwork for that short story. This is a first come, first serve basis, so please check updates to see what authors have already been pledged.

My story is still up for grabs. It's about two characters, Jelith and Kryranen, who are archeologists/pot hunters in the lower levels of the city. Here's a short bit from the beginning of the story:

Snippet of Revenants by Martha Wells

They made an odd pair for a number of reasons, but one was that she was tall for a Jai-ruk and he was short for a Kin. They were dissimilar on all counts, except for their interest in the past, and in strange myths, and mysteries, and how the world had looked before they set foot on it. They talked of things no one else cared about. Rather than an odd pair, everyone thought they were just odd.

"This is a job that will pay us well," Kryranen said. "Up in the Golden Jaguar District." She added unnecessarily, "Where people like the Vash live."

"You're supposed to be keeping the notes," Jelith pointed out. Most inhabitants of Taux assumed Jai-ruk were too brutish for scholarly pursuits, but Kryranen's handwriting was better than his. Her hands were large but her fingers were slender and dexterous; his notes looked like the scratchings of a child next to her elegant script.

She leaned forward to look at the book and her grimace suggested she agreed. "I'll recopy it later." Exasperated, she said, "You just don't like working for money. It's too bad we can't eat history."

"You would eat history if you could," Jelith felt he had to say. It was true.

She folded her arms and gave him the long-suffering look.

He sighed. "What is this job?"

"They want us to lay a ghost."

Jelith stared. "Are you out of your mind?"
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