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Review and an Interview

I messed my knees up again yesterday, even though I didn't have an aerobics class. I think when I was in the dentist's chair for my appointment that morning, I locked them and that caused some minor inflammation. (I have dentist issues going back to having a really bad dentist and a really bad orthodontist as a kid. Having good dentists as an adult has helped but not completely.) I also found out I need to come back next week to have a filling replaced, because one fell out and since I don't remember spitting out a filling recently, I apparently swallowed it. And my insurance won't cover the replacement filling.

Then I tried to go to the Ben & Jerry's store, and it had closed down. It was the day of minor but compelling annoyances.

Some good things:

* The total for Jim Hines' Rape Crisis Centers Fundraiser is now over $1783, which means books by Alyx Dellamonica, Patrice Sarath, Anton Strout, Stina Leicht, S.L. Farrell, Elizabeth Bear, and me (a signed set of The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea) get added to the drawing for prizes.

* The Book Smugglers did a very nice review of Wheel of the Infinite.

When this book came out in 2000, I found out later that the cover artist Donato Giancola had to argue with the publisher to get the cover printed with the protagonist’s real skin color, the way I had described her and he had drawn her. They wanted to show her skin color as gray rather than brown, and some covers were printed that way. I didn’t find out about this until much later, since the authors’ copies I received all had the correct skin tone. (I thought the gray Maskelles I saw occasionally were printing errors.) (The icon for this post is Donato's original version of Maskelle.)

When the book came out in paperback, the publisher reversed the cover image, so the white-skinned secondary male character Rian was on the front and Maskelle was on the back.

The first chapter, reviews, and buy links for the new ebook edition are on my web site here.

* There's an interview with me by Keith West at Adventures Fantastic

* If you missed it earlier this week when the link was down,
I was also interviewed on the /slashreport podcast this past Sunday at slashreport episode 206 Martha Wells.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, exactly. I think flipping the cover was like, I don't know, such a juvenile thing.

His site is here, which is much more comprehensive:

Here's one:

and this one:

I think this is a commissioned portrait:

This is one of my favorites, of a Latina woman: I got this as a signed print at WorldCon in Boston.

The ones under "paintings for sale" aren't in the gallery section. I think Wheel of the Infinite used to be in there, but isn't anymore, so someone might have bought the original.

I think I meant petty rather than juvenile. Like a last slap at him for making it plain he knew exactly what they were doing and fighting them over it.

And I remember when they used to want to put dragons on everything, and now that seems completely rational compared to this.

The reprehensible treatment of Cover # 1 is sad. It's a beautiful cover. So is the second cover. Glad to see the review over at Booksmugglers.

Yes, that review was a major improvement on my week so far!

And the second cover was by

Jenn Reese does wonderful work.

You're welcome! :)

ETA: I frequently point you out as an example of good, professional ebook covers.

Edited at 2012-04-14 03:01 am (UTC)

I just read Wheel of the Infinite about a month ago and loved it unreservedly! I'm also plagued with wondering what happened to her in subsequent years--if she developed a relationship with her son, how he went on... (Just to say that it really stuck with me!)

Wow, that is a FABULOUS review on Book Smugglers -- congratulations!

Agh, so much sympathy on the dentist issues!

I have exactly the same problem; the dentist I had as a kid did not believe in sedation while drilling. Of any kind. And I'll leave it at that, because another thing I do not deal well with is people telling me their dentist stories (I don't mean you, I mean people who open their mouths at me and proceed to tell me the history of every crown and bridge; wtf, people.)

Hope the knees feel better, too.

And I had another of those guys.
What, did the think kids couldn't feel pain?
He also leaned on my face as he worked.
When I first encountered a real, 20th century guy, I was amazed.

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