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GuysLitWire Book Fair For Ballou High School

The GuysLitWire review blog is doing their Book Fair for Ballou SR High School:
Between our spring book fair and a small holiday fair last November we have helped Ballou move from a library that had less than one book for each of its 1,200 students at the beginning of 2011 to a ratio now of two books per student. While this is an impressive achievement and something we are quite proud of, the American Library Association advocates ELEVEN books for each student. It's obvious that Ballou is still operating at a serious literary deficit and because of that we have decided to commit ourselves to the long haul and stay with this school library until they have everything they need.

The link to the library's wish list at Powell's Books and the address for the school library is in the post. There are all kinds of books on the list, fiction, nonfiction, SF/F, mystery, romance, YA, graphic novels, everything.

I can't afford to donate this time, so I'd really appreciate anyone who does or who passes the word along.


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