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The Serpent Sea

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I feel like I've been in one of those stupid doom spirals over the past couple of weeks. The ones where you have a few things go wrong in various ways, and it rattles you, and you start making mistakes and doing dumb things to augment the usual crap the universe throws at you, and it just feels like everything is going wrong. It seems to have slowed down a little this week so far :knock on wood:

I actually have tiny little proto-tomatoes and proto-squashes forming in my garden. I need to take pictures.


I'm in an SF Signal Mind Meld What Places Inspire Your Worldbuilding?

Remember the Book Fair for Ballou SR High School Library. There's a lot of manga and paperback YA on the list for 7.95 and 8.95. If you can only afford to contribute one book, that's still one book that is going to be read by a lot of kids.


Begging: I wanted to ask, if you've read The Serpent Sea (or The Cloud Roads) please consider leaving a review on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or GoodReads, or LibraryThing. (I don't read the reviews, so if it's a bad review I won't see it.) On Amazon especially, it's the number of reviews that help and can actually cause the book to show up on more searches. So if you have a chance to do that, I'd really appreciate it. The difference between the sales of a normal midlist book (not a bestseller) being considered a success or being considered a failure can be incredibly small, as in around 25 copies small. So any little bit helps. And if you've already left a review somewhere, I appreciate you a lot.

Also, I've added some more buy links to the online ordering page for my website for the trade paperbacks and ebooks, including Waterstones UK and Whitcoulls NZ and WHSmith, so if you were having trouble finding the books somewhere with cheaper shipping, you might check those out.

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You should plant some potatoes in your garden. That way you could have prototatoes.

Or prototaters! Then I could make prototatertots.

aaaannd that's why you're the one who gets paid to write.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't think you needed my review (not like I need reviews -- I'm gonna run a contest to get reviews!) but I'll post my The Cloud Roads review at Amazon and B&N. (It's already at Goodreads, Powells & LJ/Facebook) Should get to The Serpent Sea before the end of the month! I've been using it as bait to finish my taxes!

Send us baby veggie pics! I am neglecting my garden, and it is complaining.

Thank you very much, Kathi! I just took garden pictures and I'll post them here tomorrow.

Posted CR @ Amazon and B&N.

(Deleted comment)
left reviews of both books on Amazon.

my housemate listens to podcast novels, and says that podiobooks (paudiobooks? don't know how they spell that) does this thing, because they have a relatively small community of writers who produce podcast-format books, where a writer will come out with something, and then ask their whole listening community (a few hundred thousand folks, sounds like) to go review it and buy it on amazon *all at the same time on the same day* and this will spike it up to the top-ten sales in Amazon's algorithms for that day, which will inspire it getting picked up as a listing in other places, and further promoted, and thus inspire further sales.

just an idea. :)

Thank you! :)

That's one of the reasons why they say to buy a book on the day it's released, because that boost can help it end up on bestseller lists. For getting reviews, I feel like that unless I wait a few months before I ask, most people haven't had a chance to read the book yet.

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