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The Serpent Sea

Cover Art for The Siren Depths

Just got this today! This is the cover art for The Siren Depths, the third Raksura book, set after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea. It's by Steve Argyle, the same artist who did The Serpent Sea art.

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The parallels to the Serpent Sea cover are clear.

And judging by the cover, I suspect I may have by dumb luck guessed part of the plot in that comment I made a few months back when you announced the title...

Yes, it's a great action pose!

Woohoo! Intense and awesome!

Very dramatic. That is one scary-looking dude!

Hope you're pleased! :^)

Thanks! Yes, I love it. :)

I like the layout ;o) Very action packed!

Oooohhhh! Pretty!!! :)

Wow, what a tense scene!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Yeah, I really like that sunset effect.

I think it's actually a combination of two of the scenes I sent them, but I'm pretty sure the central figure is supposed to be Moon. The whole spines-frills head part doesn't really look like I imagine it; I think Matthew Stewart got a lot closer to that with The Cloud Roads cover.

(Deleted comment)
That's true, it could be a good match for Chime.

Yeah, I'd like to see Stone on a cover, too.

On second look, I was wondering if we are actually getting humans in this book, because that person whose head is being held so aggressively looks pretty human to me O.O - or is that just freedom of expressing some sort of groundling or other?

If the answer is too spoilery, feel free to ignore my musings.

It's just artistic license.

Arrrrgh, can't wait to read this! Head grabs! Seeing the cover makes it seem so much closer. :)

Wow, look at that! Very cool! Congrats!

Thanks! :) I'm really happy with it.

Very happy to hear that you're pleased with the cover, though to be honest none of the book covers have really pleased me since I finished "The Cloud Roads."

None of them look remotely like what you described in the books themselves. The worst was what I presume is supposed to be Jade on the cover of "The Serpent Sea" but none of them seem to even attempt to create what you've described inside. :(

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