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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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The Cloud Roads

New Fan Art!

I just got new fan art from Jessica Peffer (her site is Neon Dragon Art)

This is the Fell, in all their forms. We talked quite a bit about this in email, so this is very accurate.

This is the one she did of Moon.

This is now on the Three Worlds Compendium too.

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Wow - now I really want to see an animated series or movie.

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These are utterly amazing...as are your characters which inspired them.

If I'm remembering correctly, Stone's shifted form is even bigger than a major kethel?

Holy crap.

I may have drawn the Kethel is a touch on the small side. Flower dove into one of their jaws at some point and speared it like a boss. (I think?) That would have to be pretty huge.

I ran out of canvas :-(

Edited at 2012-04-20 09:29 pm (UTC)

It depends. The kethels vary in size, from big to huge to OMG huge. Stone would probably be the same size or bigger than a relatively average kethel.

This is fantastic stuff. It's great to have as a reference, and it's beautiful art.

VERY nice.

I like the way she's arranged the wings on them, especially. Much more believable than the high-on-the-shoulders positioning I usually see.

Also, I am painfully envious of people who can actually draw.

Oooh. I love these. I don't know if you need to make the Kethel bigger or not, but if so, this guy should definitely still be something.

Wow, that's some pretty great stuff.

Sometimes I have a hard time picturing things when I read, so this BRILLIANT art is really helpful <3 Absolutely amazing :D.

These are so fantastic. I love them. Huge kudos to Jessica.

By the way, Martha, I want to thank you about your writing style and skill... and how you don't dumb down your word use. I've recently been amusing myself by rereading "The Element of Fire" on the Nook... and looking up words that I understood but didn't know the meaning of. You were able to craft these words in such a way that they were understandable... while not using baby words that need no thought. That requires skill and talent... and while I'm not a slouch when it comes to reading or writing... it's still absolutely enjoyable to reread EOF and realize it's written for people with an actual brain in their heads.

So... thank you. :)

Rob H.

Thank you very much for reading it! :)

Both works of art are wonderful, and I'm even more pleased to have just seen on your website that there will be another book in this series in January. In addition to loving the characters and the writing, I also thing that The Three Worlds is one of the most original and fascinating fantasy settings that I've encountered in many years.

Thank you very much! This was a great comment to find first thing in the morning. :)

SO VERY COOL. Wow. I really want a paper copy to tuck into my copies of the books.

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