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The Siren Depths December 2012

The Siren Depths (the third in the Books of the Raksura series, after The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea) is now scheduled for December 2012. It looks like you can preorder it as part of Night Shade's 50% off sale, but I think that still has a four book minimum, though it includes all the books in their catalog.


I think I'm going to try to get a new laptop this weekend. This one is still overheating and has started to make gasping noises. I'm going to get a 13 inch MacBook Pro with my husband's university discount, so hopefully we'll be able to find one in town.

I mailed off the books to the person who won them in Jim Hines' Rape Crisis Center Fundraiser drawing, so they should arrive in the next few days.

Oh, and GuysLitWire reported that the Book Drive for Ballou SR High School finished up with 175+ books sent to the school library. The wish list is still up at Powell's so people can still send books if they haven't had a chance before now. There's plenty of books still on the list. I know I said I wasn't going to send any this year but I broke down. I'm addicted to Book Fairs.

Uh, that's about it, unless you want to hear about my allergy headaches which nobody does including me. I'm hoping to have some bigger (not allergy-related) news later this month.

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Yay book!

That is the computer I have now; so far so good.


Yeah, I really like the new one. It's a bit faster, and it's nice being able to get later versions of the software, though I had to move to a new email program.

Yay! That's awesome :-) Someone will be getting me that for Christmas.

Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be out by late November, in plenty of time for present-buying.

Yay! I am so looking forward to more Raksura!

Overheating and gasping — it should be opened up and have the dust blown out. Maybe it needs a new fan. (I know, you have lots of new fans, but none of them fit inside a laptop.)

It was a four year old Macbook, so we went ahead and got a new one.

(And :) )

Yay release date! I can't wait to have an official copy in my hands!

I am so looking forward to allergy season being over.


And oh yeah, me too.

I'm not sure if that Night Shade sale is still on - I can't find any info on it on their site any more. The top post in the news section on the home page says "50% Off Sale and Lifetime Subscriptions now available!", but if you click through to it, it only has info on the lifetime subscriptions, nothing on the sale. I'd been hoping the sale would extend to when I next had some disposable income, but it looks like I'm out of luck. :-(

This post says the sale is still on. Or you could email someone through the Night Shade site and ask.

(Deleted comment)

I haven't ever been attracted to Scrivener; I usually just make do with Word. Right now I'm trying to adjust to having a different mail program. That's going to drive me nuts for a while.

More Raksura, yay!

Allergy headaches, boo!

Try local, raw honey -- at least a generous teaspoon of it -- every day. Can't tell you how long it will take for you to calm down, but most people see results within two weeks. I started out taking a Tbsp a day, misunderstanding the instructions on something. I slept better, and have needed no allergy meds since I started doing honey. Doing a heaping tsp on cereal in the a.m. now.

I'm about to go to the Apple store to test out keyboards. A writing friend's spouse works for Apple and has offered me the 15% discount. Or I might find a remanufactured one that is even cheaper. But the weight of PC problems has made my computer a headache.

Not a good way to approach work!

It's going to be worth spending 25% more to get less trouble. Only question is, laptop or tabletop? I want a laptop, but can afford a bigger system with table. (Plus I read that the 13 inch is old tech -- 3 years old -- and want to talk to Apple people about that.)

Not a good way to approach work!


Yeah, I've heard that about the honey. The local honey we have comes from Austin, so I'll probably try it.

Good luck with the keyboard testing!

The third Raksura book! HOORAY!!! I cannot wait!!!

I hope you're feeling better, allergies are such a pain (both literally and figuratively.)

Much love, Maggie xxx

Thanks very much! :) I am feeling better, actually.

Oh awesome! December isn't all that far away. And reading the first chapter just made me want it more.

Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad it's coming out a little earlier too.

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