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Saw the Avengers last night and loved it! And I managed to see it without being spoiled, yay! Which is pretty amazing, considering I've already been spoiled for movies like Star Trek which are still being filmed.

A friend who is staying with us while she works in town arrived just in time to get flung into the car and we took off to the theater to meet two more friends. The 6:15 show was a little crowded for a Tuesday night, especially a Tuesday night in this town during finals week. But when we got out, there were lines all across the lobby, and ticket-buying lines across the parking lot. And it's a pretty big parking lot.


BBC News: Lack of contact with nature 'increasing allergies'

John Hodgeman THAT IS ALL: a reblogged tumblr essay on Tony Stark and Bruce Banner SPOILERS

Better World Books for each book you buy, they donate one to someone in need. (my books are here)

Aliette de Bodard: SFF as metaphor: aliens, vampires, foreigners and immigrants

If you haven't checked it out yet, see the list of fantasy with non-European settings by women writers 106 writers on the list so far.

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Better World Books is wonderful. I buy quite a few books from them.

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