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This is one of those weekends where everyone is off at a con having fun without us. I did see Men in Black III and enjoyed it a bunch. It was a huge lot of fun. It made a nice antidote for The Woman in Black which we rented and watched Friday night, and which was a very well-made, gorgeously filmed movie which I disliked so intensely it upset my stomach.

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Brennan Griffin asked
Gate of Gods trilogy
Do you have any plans to re-visit the Ile-Rien world? You may have addressed this somewhere else, but I thought that Gate of Gods did not get nearly the shelf-space it deserved, and I'd definitely like to see more.

Not to say that I'm not enjoying your Cloud Roads sequence! And I quite liked the Wheel of the Infinite as well.

Thank you! The third book in the trilogy, The Gate of Gods, definitely did not show up in most bookstores and I've talked to many people who read the first two books (The Wizard Hunters and The Ships of Air) and never saw the third. The first two books didn't sell as well as the publisher wanted, so they didn't put much effort into getting the third out there. Technically, they are all three still in print, but you have to order them online. They are available as ebooks, too.

I did originally start a prequel novel about Giliead and Ilias, but the publisher wasn't interested in it, so I just turned it into a series of short stories which were eventually published by Black Gate Magazine. (Three of them are on my web site now: Holy Places, Houses of the Dead, and Reflections. There's one more that hasn't been published yet.) At this point, it's been so long I kind of doubt whether I would ever go back to that world. I haven't completely ruled it out, though.

desertport asked I have been wondering this for a little while: What is the ultimate fate of the Ravenna? Does she end up a museum or sink fantastically? Something else?

I always imagined her becoming a floating museum, kind of like the Queen Mary, but more honored and better maintained.

If anyone has anymore questions (about my books or about writing or publishing in general or about what I'm doing today (hint: it's boring)) go ahead and ask.

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probably a little late to organize a bittercon -- but there's always that if you want to do some con-like panels when everyone's away at cons.

I've talked to many people who read the first two books... and never saw the third.

Wow...this makes me feel lucky that I got Gates of the Gods with relative ease, but I remember the years before Ile-Rien cycle during which I desperately searched for Martha Wells and not H.G. Wells or some other male Wells.

Speaking of Ile-Rien -- any chance of Death of the Necromancer in ebook? Or are there complications? (And I hope this isn't a sensitive topic or anything . . .)

Right now there's a new ebook publisher that has shown interest in it, so I'm just waiting to find out whether that's going to happen or not. If it doesn't, I'll put it out myself the way I did the other out of print books.

Excellent! One way or another, I look forward to having the entire series on my Kindle.

(Deleted comment)
Count me as another person who would love, love, love to see the Île-Rien series continue one day. I've liked every other book of yours I read, but I loved the Île-Rien books.

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