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Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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The Cloud Roads

Links and Bella

It finally did rain yesterday, but not very much. We did have a cold front come in, and now it's only in the low 80s. (Our cold fronts are a different definition of "cold.")

My cat Bella (no, she's not named after Bella from Twilight. She's seventeen years old, so my Bella came first) is (see parenthetical comment) seventeen years old. At sixteen, she went from being normal and healthy and still playing to losing weight even though she's still eating, not cleaning herself. The vet did a bunch of tests, and it's not thyroid, kidney disease, or anything else we can do something about. Seventeen is not actually old for one of my cats. Harry lived to be over nineteen, and Kate was twenty-four when she died.

At this point, Bella is still Bella, but does get a little confused at times. Example:

Cat: "Gah, a human!"

Me: "It's me."

Cat: "So it is. Where have you been? You left me alone, and I'm old and everything."

Me: "You've been sleeping on my arm for the last hour."

Cat: "Is that what this is? Right, I thought it looked familiar."

So that's what's going on now. We're thinking seriously about getting a kitten, because Tasha (who is only about four) needs more kitty interaction and is not getting it from Bella.


Happy Agent Anniversary to Jennifer Jackson! Happy Agent Anniversary to me! And free books to a good home! It's my agent's anniversary and she's having a contest for free books, including The Cloud Roads!

Book View Cafe is having a grand opening celebration with a discount and chances to win a free ebook.

Juliet E. McKenna: "Turns & Chances" and the twists that brought everything together... A new Einarinn novella, available as an ebook.

Cherie Priest: How to Tell a True Ghost Story

NYT Arts Beat: Before He Was Green Lantern, He Had a Boyfriend On Wednesday, comic book fans who pick up issue No. 2 of “Earth 2,” published by DC Comics, will meet the company’s latest gay hero.

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Thanks. :) Though sometimes I feel like I've been running a cat hospice for the past decade.

Bella pretty much lives in our bedroom now, so I don't think there would be much interaction. Also, Bella was good with Tasha when we got her as a kitten, so I don't think she'd be too upset. And I think Tasha would accept a kitten quicker than another adult cat.

Awesome; I figured you knew what you were doing, but the reflexes kick in. If/when you do get a kitten, obviously, I will enjoy seeing many, many pictures, plskthnx? :)

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