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Per my post yesterday, we got a kitten. I had seen that the Feral Cat rescue group was going to be at Petsmart yesterday, and I needed cat food anyway, so we went down there in the morning to see if they had kittens. The rescue group wasn't there yet, but in the Petsmart adoption area, there were two 8-week old kittens from the Brazos Valley Animal Shelter, one boy and one girl. We had already decided we needed a boy, because we think Tasha will accept a boy more readily than a girl. So that was that.

I really didn't expect to get a kitten yesterday, I thought we'd have to wonder around town a lot more and go more places and be disappointed, etc.

The kitten was picked up as a stray and not well socialized, but very much inclined to be socialized. Through the morning and early afternoon there was a lot of scampering away and playing, and then after some food and the second nap he discovered that being petted by your own personal human is a very good thing. Since then there's been lots of cuddling and purring.

The other cats are still angry and horrified, so that's going to take a while to settle down. But, yay, kitty!!!

Oh, and we haven't picked a name yet. It took a couple of weeks to name Tasha, so that's not unusual.

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The other cats are still angry and horrified

That cracked me up. It's such a perfect description of a cat's reaction to new pets.

Kitten sounds adorable!

Kittens are so cute and lots of fun. The ones I've had have always been really entertaining with the funny stuff they do. It sounds like the one you have will socialise really quickly.

I just hope the other cats will come to accept him quickly.

How lovely! I hope he settles in well.
We found it took about 4 days for our resident cats to accept a new kitten, last time we were in this situation. But they were both still fairly young. The previous time, when we introduced a kitten to a much older cat, it took about 6 weeks. But everyone eventually settled down.

Here's to everyone being happy with new kitty soon.

The naming of a cat is a serious thing.

The other cats are still angry and horrified,

Ha! This is familiar. Burmese may be the greatest lovers on the planet, but boy are they jealous -- it took Max six months to decide that Merlyn was all right. Hope things go MUCH faster in your household!

Congratulations on your new little baby! Both my cats are former ferals and are the best two cats a girl could want. Looking forward to pictures of the wee one.

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