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RIP Ray Bradbury

IO9 is reporting that Ray Bradbury has passed away
Ray Bradbury — author of The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked this Way Comes, and many more literary classics — died this morning in Los Angeles, at the age of 91.


Quest for Kindness: The story of how Robert Downey Jr saved author Dana Reinhardt's grandmother.

Book to check out: Spellcast by Barbara Ashford
“There's a vast but little known overlap between fans of fantasy and fans of musical theater, and Barbara Ashford hits the sweet spot on both with Spellcast. It's warm, humorous, emotional, heartfelt, and full of magic. Curse you, Barbara, for making me cry! And for getting 'Some Enchanted Evening' stuck in my head all week.” Carrie Vaughn, New York Times bestselling author

Lifehacker: If You Respond Only to Ass-Hats, Your Life Will Soon Be Full of Ass-Hats by Nicole Sullivan.

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Thanks for the notice about Ray Bradbury's passing. What a life he lived. He will be missed.

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