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The College Station Library event went really well, yesterday. A bunch of friends showed up, and I read from the first chapter of The Siren Depths and answered some questions. The local Barnes and Noble was there with books, and they now have signed copies of The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea. Afterwards I was rewarded with a cupcake.

Today I've been mostly cleaning house and doing laundry. The kitten is getting more used to the other cats and vice verse. There hasn't been any physical contact (except for playing with Bella's tail a little) but there has been sitting and sleeping in the same room and almost not-hostile staring. Kitten is still sneezing from a cold he picked up in the shelter (he was at the vet on Thursday and I know what to look for if it gets worse, plus he has to go back for the rest of his shots next week) and I am getting used to being sneezed on a lot by a tiny cat.


My next appearance is at ApolloCon 2012 in Houston, TX. I'll be on programming and also be one of the people doing the writers' workshop.

Book rec: I've just started reading Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders by Gyles Brandreth and like it very much. I've enjoyed the whole series, but I like this one especially because the narrator this time is Arthur Conan Doyle.


For new people:

First, hi new people! Second, these are the things people are normally looking for on my site:
* Publishing Information Sites for Beginning Authors This is a list of links to articles and resources for writers who are just starting out.

* Excerpts and Free Short Stories This is the list of all the novel excerpts and free short stories I have on my site.

* Three Worlds Compendium Stories, missing scenes, fan art, and other extras for the Books of the Raksura

* Buy Books Online Links to bunches of places that sell my books in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. Includes the updated info for all the places that have The Siren Depths up for preorder.

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Man, I'm really disappointed to have missed the reading, but I couldn't find a ride, and then I had awful allergies all day anyway :/ I'm glad it went well though!

Thanks, and hope you're feeling better today!

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