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Ardeth Bey

(no subject)

I wanted to thank everybody for their comments on my post about Bella. It really does help and I appreciate it so much.

I had a bad night last night, waking up at 3:00 am with stomach issues, etc, and the kitten biting my fingers and then trying to groom my face, I guess to get me to go back to sleep. I'm still finding bowls of cat food all over the house that we had stashed in various places, to whip out if Bella showed any sign of wanting to eat.

Today, plus writing, I need to go to Office Depot and the post office and do the recycling before it takes over the garage.

And I'm looking forward to ApolloCon in Houston next weekend.

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If you have a voice-activated tape recorder, you can have it in the garage with you, in case you get an idea, so you can talk it out and record it.

I had to stop The Feline Wonder from chewing on the cord used for cell phone recharging this morning. Not quite grooming it, but... ;3

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