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It's rained in the afternoon over the past two days, just short tropical thunderstorms, but man is that a relief. This time last year it hadn't really rained since February and the fires were starting.

I'm finished with most of my web site makeover and reorganization, but I'm waiting to let it go live until I get back after this weekend. I don't want to discover hideous HTML errors while I'm out of town.

Jack the kitten is doing fine, except for waking up at 5:00 am and purring and trying to lick my face. And trying to eat everything in sight. You can really tell he was feral before the shelter got him.

Book recs:

I reread Moon Over Soho Ben Aaronovitch to get ready for Whispers Underground, the next book in the series which is coming out next month. This is a great series, about a young police constable who ends up apprenticed to London's last living wizard as part of a special Metropolitan police unit. The books are funny and fast-paced and good mysteries, with a really neat original take on magic and magical creatures. If you like the episodes of Masterpiece Mystery with "Inspector" in the title and you like fantasy, these books are perfect for you.

The Crow God's Girl by Patrice Sarath. This is the third book in the Gordath Wood series and it's out now on kindle.


I'll be at ApolloCon in Houston, TX this weekend. Last year, I was goh and got to go on the special VIP NASA tour with my husband and Ann VanderMeer, which is the most fun I've ever had at a con.

The posts I did about it were:

* Mission Control and Docking with the Space Station, and the Stardust Lab.
* Neutral Buoyancy Lab and the Antarctic Meteorite Collection Lab
* More Mission Control photos
* Building 9 and the Lunar Rover and the Shuttle Mock-up
* Building 9, and the Lunar Viewing Lab, and Rocket Park
And I did a post about it for SF Signal: NASA Up Close and Personal, for SF/F Writers and Editors


Oh, The Siren Depths has it's final cover!

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1) Cover looks awesome!!

2) I am also super-excited for Whispers Underground! I freaked out when I saw it listed somewhere as releasing this week, then realized that's UK only. We still get it next month. :P

3) I hope you have a great time at the con!

1 Thanks! I really like it.

2 Yeah, I saw that too and got all excited.

3 Thank you! :)

Have fun at the con; I'll be roadtripping with two 14 yr olds, one 12 yr old, and another adult.

Cover is awesome!

Looking forward to Whispers Underground, too.

Thanks, have fun on your trip!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, it's a great quote! :) It's one of my favorites.

I like it too. I also like the way the end of his tail is going around the S. They did that with The Serpent Sea, too.

You have been blessed with awesome covers!

I'll take any amount of rain and be glad. I'm just glad we're not on fire this year.

I doubt this ApolloCon can top last year's but I hope you have a great time anyway. :)


Yeah, I was really expecting this summer to be as bad as the last, so this is a huge relief. I wish Austin would get more rain, though.

You and me both. We keep getting these teasing little showers.

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