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In the ApolloCon workshop, I talked a bit about worldbuilding, so I want to do a post at some point on some of the basic concepts to keep in mind. Hopefully I can do that this week.

In the meantime, here's another link to the partial list of non-European fantasy by women writers, if you missed it before.


Claudia Gray: "I'm not like other girls."
A good friend of mine named Jen Heddle loved Star Wars as a kid, then as an adult, so much and so deeply that she now works for Lucasfilm. Every single one of those women grew up loving Star Wars. No, it wasn’t just me.

And you know what? I loved Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy too.* Why? They were cute, damn it. And that is JUST FINE.

Because we’re all individuals – we’re all big enough to contain multiple enthusiasm, multiple ways of life. Everyone. And, as I said above, everyone includes girls.


Yesterday was a day for sending bullying emails to writers. (Except pretty much every day is that day. Writers get threats of death, assault, sexual assault, etc or are endlessly harassed for anything from expressing feminist opinions or political opinions to not having someone's favorite character become the main love interest in a series to the publisher not releasing the ebook on time. (The ebook thing is not an exaggeration.))

Lavie Tidhar: Fascism for Nice People

Kameron Hurley: In Which I Share My Hate Mail
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