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Stargate Monuments


Martha Wells

My Flying Lizard Circus

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Kitten Report

The kitten, who we named Jack, is doing great. I think he's doubled in size since we first got him. He is also a madman for food. He will literally leave his half-full food bowl to fling himself at Tasha's, so that's not fun. He doesn't try to take food out of my plate, but he does watch me with intense fascination while I'm eating. Teaching food manners is going to be a long ongoing process.

He hasn't broken anything yet. (Tasha was the kitten of breaking stuff, and racked up more points on that score than all the other cats we've ever had combined.) He does get into everything. At one point he saw me pull over a stool so I could get to the top shelf of the living room bookcase. He had ignored it up until then, but after that he started trying to climb it.

This is him being cute.

This is our normal view of him.


Book rec:

Bared Blade by Kelly McCullough is out now. From the "inventive, irreverent" (Green Man Review) author of Broken Blade comes a new Fallen Blade novel featuring Aral Kingslayer. Former temple assassin Aral Kingslayer has a price on his head and a mark on his soul. After his goddess was murdered, Aral found refuge in the shadow jack business, fixing problems for those on the fringes of Tien’s underworld. It’s a long step down from working for the Goddess of Justice, but it gives Aral and Triss—the living shadow who is his secret partner—a reason to get up in the morning.

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My Horus is another food demon, and has been so since kitten-hood. He can be discouraged from people food, but otherwise.... Good luck with Jack!

The Feline Wonder tends to roll around on the floor, too, when she's not being cute or doing her Sphinx impression. She's a very fastidious eater. Sure, she puts food on the floor, but that's only when it gets contaminated by her own saliva while she eats. :4

(She's not the cat in this icon, btw, which is muscadinegirl's, and which prompted this icon, with permission from her)

Those pictures are very illustrative.

Jack is adorable.

My Jasper was food crazy when I first got him, but I think he'd been without regular food for a while. He eventually settled down and stopped eating everything in sight.

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