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Art Links for Sunday

ArmadilloCon is going to be this month, July 27-29. The major guests are: Guest of Honor: Anne Bishop, Special Guest: Chloe Neill, Editor Guest: Liz Gorinsky, Artist Guest: Julie Dillon. I'll be on panels, and will be one of the teachers at the writers workshop.

I hadn't seen Julie Dillon's art before. Her site is here and there's some gorgeous work on it. I really love the piece that the con is using for its poster: Planetary Alignment (also because it's a fully dressed female character). Also like this one.

Todd Lockwood did the cover for the new shared world fantasy anthology I have a story in: Tales of the Emerald Serpent (that's the ebook, the paperback is available here). Todd Lockwood's site is here. Some of my favorite pieces are this one and this one


The Atlantic: How Good Books Can Change You

Black Gate: Comment on this post at the Black Gate Blog for a chance to win a free ebook or paperback of The Crow God's Girl by Patrice Sarath

The Book Smugglers: On the Smugglers' Radar Upcoming SF/F and YA books!

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I like Julie's work a lot; I especially like a cover she did for Crossed Genres a while back. Don't see it on her site, but you can see it at the beginning of the vid on the CG kickstarter page.

Oh, I think I remember that one. That was neat.

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