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Our 16-year-old washing machine died yesterday, so that was...not fun.

Catching up on links:

heidi2524′s Not-A-Top-10-List of Website Suggestions

American Prospect: Move Over, Mario Recent sexist spats in the gaming world belie the fact that women are here to stay.

Raising Millions for Marriage: Donation Page Sandy's partner is raising funds to help prevent the recent gay marriage law in Washington State from being overturned. She's set up a Team Donation page in Sandy's honor named "Sandy's People." You can donate anonymously or under your name. Sandy was a fan who passed away before the legislation for marriage equality, but her registered domestic partnership will be converted to a marriage n 2014 if the law is not overturned.

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If you're still looking for a replacement, we've had good luck with the Samsung washing machine we got a year or two ago.

I'd heard good things about Samsung, but we ended up with a GE. It was the cheapest top-loader with an energy star rating that the local place had.

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