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Okay, had to post this this morning for all of you who like me are trying to live vicariously through the people at ComicCon:

Zachary Levi and Nathan Fillion kissing for charity at ComicCon! (Yes, each other.)

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I'm too afraid to watch. My con-related embarassment squick is too easily activated. However, I love the accompanying collective squee this has generated. :D

I've got a huge embarassment squick and this didn't bother me. It's completely off-the-cuff and consensual, no one makes them do it. I think it was a thing where you could donate and Levi would kiss you (you being the female audience members) as part of some other program, and Nathan Fillion suddenly cuts in line like he's been waiting to do this all his life. It's really cute.

Thank you for sharing this, it makes me which I was at comic con, with a lot of cash. Although, I really like that Adam Baldwin appears to have stiffed him.

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