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ArmadilloCon Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning, I mainly did the dealers room and art show, and then had lunch with Jeremy Lassen from Night Shade Books. The big news of the convention was the cause of the fire alarm that interrupted the 6:00 panel yesterday. Apparently, someone in a room hung something from a fire sprinkler nozzle, causing it to break off and gush water. Since this was an atrium hotel, the water came out of the room, over the balcony and plunged to the floor of the lobby, much like an attractive water feature. It was startling and entertaining for the people sitting in the bar and the coffee kiosk.

Here's some early morning photos of the dealers room and art show before too many people got there.

Saturday afternoon I definitely fell down on my picture-taking duties. I had a panel at 2:00 on SF/F Mysteries that was a lot of fun. (see below)

Me, Patrice Sarath, Rob Rogers, and Scott Cupp.

Then I had a reading at 4:30 (I read a section from chapter 4 of The Siren Depths) and then a panel right afterward at 5:00, so I didn't have much time to take pictures (and I forgot I had the camera.) The panel was on world-building, with guest of honor Anne Bishop, Jessica Reisman, Amanda Downum, Julie Mandala and Abby Goldsmith.

Then we amassed a large group of about ten people and went out to dinner. We got back in time to go to Aaron de Orive's reading, where he read a couple of sections from the (unsold) middle-grade fantasy we co-wrote together.

Then we sat in the bar area for a while, then Troyce and I staggered back to the room to go to sleep.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. I went to Jessica Reisman's reading, then we went to lunch, hung around until my signing at 1:00, then said goodbye to everybody and left. We did take a walk that morning around the hotel, and I took some photos of that.

In short, I had a great time, and am now very tired.

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Verrrry tired, yes. So good to see you!

It was great seeing you too! I'm glad we got a panel and a dinner together.

I find myself unreasonably tired. And I didn't even have any panels. :) It was great to see you and Troyce.

Yeah, but you were working pretty hard at the workshop, that had to be tiring. It was great to see you too!

Sorry I missed your reading, yours and several others this year because of my using the program book as schedule reference.

That's okay. Yeah, it was very late on Sunday, and I had to get it moved.

Lots of tired going around this year, but very good to see you, if too briefly!

It was good to see you too!

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