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On Twitter and Faceplace I mentioned I made what I call a reverse fried shepherd's pie for dinner, and some people had asked about it. It's basically something I came up with when I was in the middle of making sloppy joes and then found out I needed to feed more people than I'd planned on. I take chili meat and brown it (I get it from a local ranch, and it doesn't produce as much grease as ground meat from the grocery store) add onions, tomato paste, some chicken broth, some garlic, salt, pepper, a masala spice mix, green onions, and a little apple cider vinegar. Then I make hashbrowns (grated potatoes with a little onion, and salt and pepper, cooked in butter or butter substitute (I use Smart Balance)) cooked until crispy on top and bottom. Then you put the beef and sauce mixture on top of the hashbrowns and eat it. I always have a vegetable on the side, and you can always add peas to the sauce.

Book rec:

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Happily stealing the recipe! :)

What do you mean by Chili meat? A leaner meat?

The only way I know to describe it is that it's like ground meat, but not ground nearly as fine. The pieces are bigger than ground beef but smaller than the cubes that are generally labelled as beef for stew or stir fry. I can't remember seeing it in the regular grocery store meat section, but both the ranches that sell meat at the farmers' markets and at the local-food store here have it.

Oh, I've seen that around here. "Coarse ground" meat. Yeah!

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