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WorldCon Last Day and Anthology

First an announcement:

I have a story in this anthology The Other Half of the Sky, with a TOC-full of great authors. The theme is SF with female main characters, and the link has the first few lines of the stories as a sample. My story is set in the Cloud Roads world, about Jade. I'll post when the anthology is ready for preorder.

WorldCon Last Day:

Sunday was a long day too. We got up, did breakfast at the Corner Baker Cafe, and then I did my signing in the dealers room. After that I had two hour writers workshop session run by me and Gregory Wilson. We had three participants who had all submitted novel chapters that were all so good it was a pleasure to read them. After that I went back to the dealers room with my roommate and we shopped until it was time to go to my last panel. I got three t-shirts, one for me and two for gifts, an art book with some of Donato Giancola's art, and a couple of books: a Dandy Gliver mystery by Catriona McPherson, and from the Black Gate table I got the second Tekumel Book by Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker (the man who created Empire of the Petal Throne).

Oh, I meant to mention, in the art show we saw this Donato Giancola triptych Eric Bright-Eyes Triptych and it was incredibly striking. I'd seen it online, but the impact in person is huge.

My last panel was on writing workshops, and we had a pretty small audience, since the pre-Hugo reception was going on in the room across the way, and a lot of people were already lining up to get a seat in the auditorium for the Hugos. But the panel went well though and I think the people who were there enjoyed it. Afterward we went to the Irish Pub in the hotel for dinner (Guiness stew, yummy) and then wandered back up to the hotel to collapse in the room. I think I managed to stay up until 10:00, but that was it. I didn't hear the full Hugo results until I got home on Monday.

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Good thing you didn't try streaming the award ceremony.

Sounds like a full and productive last day.

I was looking at the Hugo results on mobile Twitter and it bombed me off because I refreshed too many times. :)

We 'watched' the Hugos on Twitter. I was not up for packing in like sardines to witness the ceremony ;o)

That anthology sounds pretty sweet, will keep an eye out.

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